3D Virtual Stores

3D Virtual Stores serve as engaging online spaces that offer dynamic, fun-filled virtual reality experiences. These stores revolutionize customer engagement through real-time online communication and social interaction, providing a novel way to connect with your audience. 

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3D Virtual Store

Qbit Technologies is at the forefront globally, renowned for pioneering scalable 3D Virtual Reality (VR) e-commerce experiences. Revolutionizing online retail, our innovative VR Stores and 3D Shopping Malls are curated to enhance your online shopping experience beyond comparison. Dive into our highly interactive VR shopping platforms and discover a unique, socially engaging 3D shopping experience like never before. Rely on Qbit Technologies, your guide to the next frontier in VR-integrated e-commerce.

The main features of 3D VR Stores include:

Generative AI Virtual Assistant

Interact with your customers 24/7 with AI powered 3D virtual assistants

3D Virtual Store Configurator

Create Your 3D Virtual Store

Using our online Store Configurator you can create, personalize and launch a 3D Virtual Store in minutes!

Choose from different 3D stores templates, upload your 3D products in your virtual store and personalize the experience with music, images and videos. 

Need a Custom 3D Virtual Store?

Contact us for a quote on a custom 3D Virtual Store, with custom design and features for your brand.