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Welcome to Qbit Technologies!

Qbit Technologies Inc is a metaverse company, creating immersive VR and AR experiences since 2014 and producing blockchain based projects since 2019. We specialize in the design and development of real time multiuser environments in 3D, VR and AR and 3D Virtual Worlds, integrated with decentralized technologies. We operate in the Metaverse, producing immersive interactive spaces for retail, training, collaboration and events. 

Immersive 3D Retail Experiences 

Immersive Learning Spaces for Online Courses

3D Meeting Spaces and Virtual Events

Interact with your customers 24/7 with AI powered 3D virtual assistants

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) is a technology that superimposes digital content and information onto the physical world. The virtual content is synchronized with the real world, allowing the user to see and interact with both the real and virtual environments at the same time. AR is used in a variety of applications, including gaming, education, marketing, and industrial design.

Try our brand new Virtual Store Confìigurator (beta)  to create your own 3D store in minutes., with preset templates.