Qbit has partnered with SenseGlove to implement advanced haptics and hand gestures in our VR simulations. Thanks to SenseGlove we can beyond traditional hand controllers and simulate the feeling of touching, holding and resistance in VR. 

SenseGlove Haptic gloves

SenseGlove Nova

In XR you can see and hear in a lifelike manner. But you can’t feel. Currently, you push on a button of a controller, or in the best case you make a gesture in order to interact in XR. These interactions are not the way we interact in real life.

SenseGlove Haptic gloves

Feel the virtual like it's real

Interact in VR naturally: get to feel the size, stiffness and resistance of virtual objects. Unlike controllers, SenseGlove allows you to hold, push, touch, connect and squeeze the virtual like it is real.