Fathom is an enterprise software technology company that provides an AI-driven platform that enables organizations to optimize operations and transform into digital enterprises for Informed Decision-Making and Fast Execution.


MAIZE is a strategic design company, converging thought with action and creativity with data. Exploring cultures and technologies to generate sustainable growth.


Qbit has partnered with SenseGlove to implement advanced haptics and hand gestures in our VR simulations. Thanks to SenseGlove we can beyond traditional hand controllers and simulate the feeling of touching, holding and resistance in VR. 


Qbit is a Unity Pro Developer utilizing Unity as the main development engine for it's immersive technologies and spatial computing projects. 


Exceeders is a global IT marketplace which provides comprehensive digital solutions to companies in the Middle East, helping drive transformation and cost-efficiencies across the business by giving them direct access to some of the world's best IT providers.


Over 100,000 companies around the world trust Airwallex’s software and APIs to simplify their global payments and financial operations, unlock new opportunities, and grow without limits.

With Airwallex we offer our clients local payments in local currency with no fees in the following countries: USA, UK, Australia, Europe, Japan, Singapore, Canada, New Zealand, Indonesia, Hong Kong and Danemark. 


Qbit leverages AWS Cloud Services to host and maintain our technology solutions, assuring speed, performance and security.


Qbit is a Shopify partner to provide a robust e-commerce platform and services to our 3D Virtual Stores solutions.