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Learning & Innovation Programs

Discover the future with Qbit Technologies' cutting-edge Learning and Innovation Program. Led by the esteemed Academic and CEO, Mattia Crespi, our program offers a series of meticulously crafted modules designed to unlock your potential and foster innovation.  Whether you're looking to enhance your skills or pioneer new ideas, step into a world of endless possibilities. Start your journey with us today and be a part of shaping the future!

Webinars and Public Speaking

Webinars and Public Speaking

Future of the Internet

A journey to discover the future of the Internet, the impact of its evolution and the technologies underlying this evolution.

Future of Retail

Scenarios on the future of retail, with particular attention to the technological innovations and trends of the next decade and their impact.

Artificial Intelligence and Emerging Technologies

How artificial intelligence and emerging technologies are reshaping industries, enhancing human capabilities, and posing unique challenges that require thoughtful solutions.

Innovation Courses

Innovation Courses

Future Foresight Methodology

A training course and workshop on innovation management methodology, based on several modules aimed at systematically mapping future scenarios and offering a future foresight technique to support strategic planning. 

The proposed methodology can be used flexibly for anything from single meetings to multi-year initiatives. The tools in this kit are presented in a modular way so you can select, combine, modify and reinvent them to fit your goals and your audience.

Silicon Valley Immersion Journey

Silicon Valley Immersion Journey

An exclusive immersion trip to the heart of Silicon Valley

This transformational journey offers managers across all industries a unique opportunity to delve into the innovative practices that have made Silicon Valley synonymous with creativity and revolutionary developments.

Exclusive tours, in-depth workshops, networking opportunities, showcase events, cultural experience and unique opportunity to experience Silicon Valley.