Qbit Technologies leverages cutting-edge technologies to deliver innovative solutions for businesses across a range of industries. Our expertise in 3D, AR/VR, Generative AI and blockchain technologies allows us to offer a range of innovative solutions that help businesses stay ahead of the curve.

Our portfolio of projects include various experiences from developing 3D e-commerce platforms to creating 3D virtual training programs, or providing augmented reality solutions for product visualization, 3D Digital Twins for data visualization and more.

In this section you can see some of our projects. Don't forget to visit our YouTube channel for more experiences.

Some of the Brands we worked with

VR City DAO Virtual World


3D Virtual World and Web3 Ecosystem

Scope: Create a 3D Virtual World, based on decentralized economy, infrastructure and digital currency, virtual land and NFT digital asset marketplace.

Virtual Stores 3D App

VR City

3D Virtual Mall and Virtual Stores Mobile App, with store configuration. 

Scope: Create a 3D Virtual Shopping platform for mobile devices, to allow anyone to create 3D stores from templates and personalize their content. 

Real Estate Simulation

Real Estate Agency 

3D Virtual Simulation

Scope: Design and develop a 3D simulation of a luxury villa, to allow viewer to edit the interiors decorations and view the property, as well as walk through it in free navigation mode.

VR City Gaming Arcade

VR City SA

Virtual Reality Indoor Park.

Scope: Design a VR arcade in Medinah, Saudi Arabia.



AR Product Configurator and Visualizer.

Scope: Create a product configurator using AR to visualize products in the physical space.

Dufry VR Store App

Dufry / LVMH / Estee Lauder

3D Virtual Store e-Commerce Mobile App for iPads.

Scope: Revolutionize the online shopping experience with an immersive 3D shopping app.

Virtual Meeting Room

Qbit Technologies

3D Virtual Meeting Room with collaboration features.

Scope: Create a 3D virtual meeting space, to host meetings for up to 30 people in a shared 3D environment with Avatars and collaboraton features. 

Jet Aviation 3D App

Jet Aviation 

3D App to visualize aircraft interiors.

Scope: Create an engaging immersive experience for trade show visitors, to enhance the brand exposure and allow the visualization of aircraft interiors. 

3D AR App Jet Interior Visualization

VR Cinematic Experience - VR Room


A VR immersive Jouney into the world of Unical.

Scope: Entertain trade show visitors with an immersive VR experience, taking users for a jorney into Unical's world and product lines. 

Oil & Gas Drilling Simulator

University of North Dakota

Collaborative VR Drilling Simulator and VR Training Room.

Scope: Create a collaborative VR Training Simulator, to train engineering teams on drilling best practices in oil and gas.

Floydseum - A Pink Floyd Collectors Museum


3D Virtual Museum of Pink Floyd memorabilia collectors.

Scope: Create a 3D immersive experience into the world of Pink Floyd.

3D Community Space


3D Virtual Community Space

Scope: Create a 3D Virtual platform for users to meet and interact in 3D virtual spaces, communicate and trade. 

Dental Lab Digital Twin


3D Digital Twin

Scope: Design and develop an IoT and 3D Digital Twin platform for dental technician laboratories, to harness data, monitor performance and train staff.

VR Relaxation Space for Employees Well Being


An immersive VR Nature experience.

Scope: Create an immersive VR Experience for employees to de-stress and relax in nature and with a music background.

VR Relaxation Experience

Driving School VR Simulator

Hatboro Horsham Driving School

VR Driving Simulator for driving school.

Scope: Create a driving simulator in VR to practice driving in several city scenarios. Developed to support the driving school lessons during in class and asynch practice.

Oil Rig VR 3D Digital Twin

Oil & Gas Co

Oil Rig Simulator and Digital Twin for Training in VR.

Scope: Create a 3D Digital Twin of an oil rig, to be used for data visualization and virtual training. 

NAVY VR Training FREMM Frigades


3D VR Collaborative Crew Training Simulation

Scope: create a 3D Training Simulation for entire crews to trains on operations collaboratively on  for FREMM Class Frigates.

Team Building Training Game

Freddie Mac

3D Team Building Game

Scope: Create a 3D Simulation of painting work in a new house, done in collaborative mode for team building and training.