3D Digital Twins

3D Industrial Digital Twins are pioneering a new era in the industrial sector by creating dynamic and detailed digital replicas of physical assets and systems. Utilizing innovative 3D modeling, IoT data aggregation, and sophisticated data analytics, these digital mirrors provide a real-time reflection of industrial operations. They empower companies to anticipate, understand, and optimize performance like never before. 

3D Factory Digital Twin
Production Process 3D Digital Twin
Factory 3D Digital Twin

Fathom IoT, AI and Digital Twins

Elevate your data ecosystem from fragmented silos to a unified, dynamic landscape.

Qbit has partnered with Fathom, a Saudi company funded by Aramco, to provide a comprehensive solution that leverages a workflow of data and applications ranging from IoT, data analytics, artificial intelligence, digital twins and 3D interactive applications. Leveraging the Fathom platform and building on structured data to create valuable insights and digital assets, Qbit complements this platform by adding a layer of 3D interactivity, to create advanced 3D digital twins and immersive spatial computing applications.

Digital twins unlock numerous advantages for businesses across various sectors. Here's a closer look at the key benefits: