3D Virtual Training

Virtual Reality Training Simulations or Immersive Training Simulations are 3D online interactive virtual reality environments developed to train professionals in a safe and engaging online 3D space, accessible anywhere and anytime, collaboratively. The types of virtual reality training simulations are also known as Serious Games, as they use gaming and simulation techniques to create ending VR training environments. 

3D Virtual Training Simulations

Need a Custom 3D Virtual Training Space?

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Virtual Reality applied to corporate training and VR training applied to various disciplines has proven to be highly effective, as well as time and cost saving. While this technology is still new and in its phase of adoption, the first use cases of implementation by industries and defense, are giving us precious data to evaluate the effectiveness of using VR training procedures compared to standard ones. Besides saving time and costs, training employees in VR is giving outstanding results in terms of stickiness of training content and engagement in training on the job. VR training environments are more fun and more engaging and allow to create specific VR training spaces for any type of job.