Virtual Meetings

Qbit Technologies builds customized solutions for virtual meetings, virtual events and conferences in 3D.

We provide social immersive spaces to create:

  • Virtual meeting spaces and virtual venues for large events in 3D and VR.

  • Virtual meeting rooms and conference rooms, to host live sessions in 3D and VR.

All our solutions are scalable and can host large amounts of users. We tailor our VR spaces to fit our clients requirements and adapt to their different needs.

Some of the key features we offer are:

  • Scalable 3D environments

  • High definition real time 3D spaces (adapts according to device)

  • Full 3D interaction

  • Text chat

  • Voice chat

  • Live recording of sessions

  • Multi-device accessibility (PC, mobile, HDMI)

  • Live content sharing of slides, videos or other content

  • Collaborative Virtual White Board

  • Collaborative interaction with the space and 3D models

  • Integration of office tools and other third party software

  • Statistics, user interaction data

  • e-Commerce integration

  • CRM integration

Virtual Reality conferencing spaces are designed to provide you with an innovative solution for conferencing and events in 3D, enabling you and your customers to be immersed in highly interactive and lifelike engaging experiences through virtual reality environments. From the virtualization of a conference or specific event, to real time collaborative spaces for dispersed teams, virtual reality offers the ideal 3D environment to collaborate online. While we are still in the age of 2D virtual conferencing, VR conferencing and collaboration in 3D introduce a new paradigm in our relationship with digital collaboration tools. In our VR collaborative spaces, users share the same virtual environment in real-time, they are no longer separated by their screens, but they appear in their digital shape of Avatars, in a common shared space, where they can interact with others and with the objects and environment around them.