UND launches a VR training lab for oil and gas drilling simulations


UND and Qbit - 3D VR Training Simulations for Oil and Gas Sector

Yesterday the University of North Dakota launched the first VR Training Lab entirely dedicated to Oil and Gas drilling simulation for training. The VR training lab has been developed and installed by Qbit Technologies.

Located in Grand Forks, ND, the VR Training Lab provides detailed, interactive virtual model of the state of the art drilling platforms currently in operation in North Dakota and around the country. As an introduction to the techniques and skills need to operate a drilling platform, the VR Training Lab enables engineers to train on the use of drilling machinery, including practice with complex drilling processes, in a risk-free virtual environment.

VR Training Oil Sector - UND North Dakota

The VR Training Lab will be accessible from anywhere in the world, supporting close collaboration between the University and participants from industry in a shared virtual space where they can review machinery and perform simulated drilling operations.

As other solutions created by Qbit, the UND VR Lab has been developed using a free, open source platform called “High Fidelity” for the creation of shared Virtual Reality simulations.

“VR will democratize the use of simulation for training, and this project is a perfect example of using our platform and VR to rapidly develop a training solution for safety in the Oil and Gas industry”, says Philip Rosedale, CEO of High Fidelity.

VR Training Oil Sector - VIVE VR Room

The hardware used comprises HTC Vive headsets, hand controllers and haptic gloves in the near future. We are also creating a VR cave space, where learners can use special PC backpacks to move freely in the simulation environment, free from wires stopping their movements.

VIVE VR Cave for 3D Training


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