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Qbit VR Training

VR Training Simulations

3D Serious Games and Business Games

Qbit VR Geo Simulations

VR Geo Simulations

MetaCities and Realistic VR Geographical Spaces

Qbit VR Marketing

VR Marketing

VR Brand Solutions for your customers

Qbit VR Museums

VR Museums

3D Online Cultural Spaces for 3D exhibits and events

Qbit VR e-Commerce

VR e-Commerce

3D VR Online Shopping Experiences

Qbit VR Collaboration

VR Collaboration

3D Spaces for Meetings and Events

Qbit Technologies - VR Blog

Stay up to date on Qbit's projects and news from the virtual reality ecosystem. New stories, projects and technologies are waiting for you.

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Qbit Technologies The Virtual Reality Company

Qbit Technologies is a Palo Alto start-up and Innovation Lab focusing in creating links between research on new technologies and businesses. We specialize in creating online virtual reality business solutions and products for the business world. Our VR online solutions are based on open source Silicon Valley disruptive technologies, enabling us to create interoperable and scalable 3D training simulations, 3D serious and business games, virtual reality collaborative 3D environments, VR e-commerce, virtual shops and showrooms, virtual reality marketing 3D spaces, VR simulations and VR museums. Our expertise is designing and developing online virtual reality business solutions in the following fields:

  • VR e-Commerce
  • VR Training
  • VR Collaboration
  • VR Geo Simulations
  • VR Marketing
  • VR Museums

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VR Projects and Experiences

Some of our virtual reality projects and experiences based on High Fidelity

  • UND 3D VR Training Simulation
  • Ventura VR Conferencing Centre
  • IFTF VR Workshop Space
  • Quantum City - The First Virtual City
  • Virtual Venice - The First 3D Online Smart City
  • Floydseum The Pink Floyd 3D Virtual Museum
  • Armasuisse VR Research Centre
  • NATO MSCOE VR Research Centre
  • example of 3d virtual worlds marketing
  • virtual institute for prevention and information on cancer
  •  3D Risk Training Simulation in Construction Yards
  • 3D training simulation for navy forces


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