Virtual Reality Geo Simulations

VR Geo Simulations are 3D photo-realistic geographic simulations of real places, real life environments or infrastructures, which can be connected over the Internet, to provide you with reports in real time. In fact, by connecting the virtual environment, with real time data, coming from any ICT environment, we can achieve a real time 3D simulation of any geographical area or existing infrastructure.

By tapping into geo data and Google's satellite API's, we will map and import real time geographical areas and recreate any location in the world, with a very high degree of fidelity. Provided data is streamed out from a control centre or the real life structure and the virtual environment will be able to mirror reality in all the conditions we set. VR geo simulations are an online virtual environment useful to simulate hazards, failures or disasters, which will be leveraged for urban planning, city management, infrastructure monitoring, security and defense.