VR Training Simulations

VR Training Simulations are based on online virtual environments developed to train professionals in a safe and engaging online 3D space, accessible anywhere and anytime. Our 3D training solutions are designed both to reduce your human resource management costs and to make your trainings more immersive, interactive and flexible, through real time user interaction. Some key advantages:

  • to accelerate knowledge transfer through learning by doing;
  • risk-free environments to practice in;
  • to provide learners with photo-realistic 3D environments in which to test and develop skills and competences;
  • to connect everywhere and anytime through a web interface;
  • to provide reporting and feedback, allowing learners to assess their current status, analyse choices and measure results;
  • to include several kind of media content like 3D items, videos, web pages and music;
  • to provide an engaging user experience, which is highly motivating for learners to undertake;
  • cost and time saving;
  • tailor made according to your needs.

Watch our past 3D training simulation projects on YouTube: