Virtual Reality eCommerce Solutions

VR eCommerce solutions are designed to bring the online shopping experience to the next level by taking the users into fully interactive 3D online stores. Our VR eCommerce experiences are more interactive and fun, compared to classic 2D online shopping, with the opportunity of making personalized 3D online shops accessible to anyone in real time around the globe.

In your 3D space, your customers will evaluate and configure the products in 3D and zoom in and out from different angles to evaluate the quality of your products, display information, and make purchases in real time. Virtual reality technologies enable a new series of features to boost the online shopping experience. In fact, the visualization and comparison of the items become easier than ever, with accurate 3D models scaled to their real life versions.

The virtualization of your real brand shop creates a 3D online shopping space where customers shopping together with their friends, enabling the "3D social online shopping experience". Some key advantages:

  • your products will be displayed in 3D and will be configurable;
  • multiuser online space for social shopping in real time
  • dynamic and fun 3D online environments where to engage your customers in new digital ways;
  • VR tools to manage and promote your 3D store;
  • 3D online brand extension;
  • customizable virtual shops
  • data collection of your customers' behaviours.