Qbit governance is managed via a DAO deployed on the Polygon blockchain, via the Aragon framework.

In order to make the voting process and governance in our company fast, transparent and easy to manage, we have created a DAO built on the Aragon framework, in which our shareholders have voting rights equal to the number of shares held in the company. This makes our governance voting process easy and effective, reducing decision making tmes to the minimum. At the same any decision voted on by the governance board, is recorded as a blockchain transaction and cannot be altered.

Each shareholder in Qbit is given an amount of QBIT Tokens equal to their shares in the company, in order to be able to vote in the governance process, via the DAO voting process. QBIT Tokens have only a voting function and have no monetary value.

The DAO based governance systems allows the following advantages:

  • Any shareholder can open a proposal and all shareholders can vote on it, using the governance interface.

  • All proposals and decisions are recorded as transactions on the blockchain.

  • Transparency and traceability is ensured.

Any existing shareholder in Qbit can access the governance portal and voting app.

Link to Qbit's Governance Smart Contract on Polygon.

QBIT Governance Token ID: 0xC40d5beA5e2a2F72445D36A738d03927a567c65B